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They Said I Wasn't College Material by Scot Young

Alan Catlin reviews THEY SAID I WASN’T COLLEGE MATERIAL by Scot Young

first published in http://misfitmagazine.net/ Scot Young, They Said I Wasn’t College Material, Roadside Press, Magic Jeep Distributing, available on Amazon, 2024, 132 pages, $15 Young’s latest collection is a selected, mostly culled from before 2009. The title comes from an actual conversation with a guidance counselor who failed to see Young’s potential as a student. Scot, in …

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Steven Meloan reviews THE DEAD AND THE DESPERATE by Dan Denton

Just got my signed hardcover copy of Dan Denton’s amazing memoir, The Dead and the Desperate, on Roadside Press. If you’re looking for a tale of personal purgatory but ultimate redemption, this is the book for you. There have been many literary takes on blue collar life in America—dead-end jobs, dead-end relationships, and often mixed …

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Alan Catlin reviews AND BLACKBERRIES GREW WILD by Susan Ward Mickelberry

first published in misfitmagazine.net Susan Ward Mickelberry, and blackberries grew wild, Roadside Press, distributed by Magical Jeep, available on Amazon, 2024, 100 pages, $15 Susan is essentially a narrative poet reflecting on her past in the many places she has lived in and visited as an army brat, over a long and eventful life. A strong sense …

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Alan Catlin reviews CISTERN LATITUDES by James Duncan

first published in misfitmagazine.net James Duncan, Cistern Latitudes, Roadside Press, Distributed by Magical Jeep, also available on Amazon, 2024, 84 pages, $15 Duncan’s narratives often put me in mind of late 50s, early 60s cafés featuring traditional folk singers. These were usually solo acts playing acoustic guitar with artists singing traditional  ballads and the occasional original song. …

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