Alan Catlin reviews AND BLACKBERRIES GREW WILD by Susan Ward Mickelberry

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Susan Ward Mickelberry, and blackberries grew wild, Roadside Press, distributed by Magical Jeep, available on Amazon, 2024, 100 pages, $15

Susan is essentially a narrative poet reflecting on her past in the many places she has lived in and visited as an army brat, over a long and eventful life. A strong sense of loss attends many of these, especially that of her beloved husband and family members now long gone. There are exotic locations, scents, and sounds, and more staid, though still lush, at home poems in Florida. As life is a journey, Susan has a rich one to share touching upon locations and experiences many of us can only visit by watching travelogues or hitching a rich Rick Steve as he journeys from one exotic location to another. He may wax lyrical but he is no poet as Mickleberry most definitely is.



And Blackberries Grew Wild by Susan Ward Mickelberry is available at

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