Alan Catlin reviews THEY SAID I WASN’T COLLEGE MATERIAL by Scot Young

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They Said I Wasn't College Material by Scot Young

Scot Young, They Said I Wasn’t College Material, Roadside Press, Magic Jeep Distributing, available on Amazon, 2024, 132 pages, $15

Young’s latest collection is a selected, mostly culled from before 2009. The title comes from an actual conversation with a guidance counselor who failed to see Young’s potential as a student. Scot, in addition to being the editor of the longstanding online poetry site Rusty Truck, has been an educator sensitive to the needs of students who often fall between the cracks as he almost did. His poems reflect a downhome in the Ozark’s personality who boozes, chases girls, is subject to all the foolishness of being young and feckless but who embraces a relationship that becomes a life partnership and mature adult. These poems are narratives told in everyday language of life lived  without pretention, often with humor and insight for those of us who like our poetry without garnishes, and a musical accompaniment you might find on your local bar’s jukebox.

THEY SAID I WASN’T COLLEGE MATERIAL by Scot Young is available at

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