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Review by Aleathia Drehmer: PRYING by Jack Micheline, Charles Bukowski and Catfish McDaris

Prying is a collection of work from Jack Micheline, Charles Bukowski, and Catfish McDaris, which was originally published by Four-Sep Publications in 1997. The book has since fallen out of print and Four-Sep Publications is defunct. Michele McDannold, editor of Roadside Press, is bringing this long-lost collection back in a new light with an updated cover and new …

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Disposable Darlings Anything but Disposable: a review by Julie Valin

Disposable Darlings Anything but Disposable Todd Cirillo’s new collection of poems, Disposable Darlings, is like a “cosmic jukebox” of the human condition, playing all our favorite songs, depending on our mood. You want a love song? Go to the very first poem, “Magnolias,” and move to the sounds and scents of Spring—a new love blooming. Or …

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Independent Book Review: Radio Water by Francine Witte

Radio Water By Francine Witte Genre: Literary Fiction / Short Stories Reviewed by Nick Rees Gardner Francine Witte evokes the sorrow of separation, the fear of alienation, and a snippet of hope in this flash fiction collection. All under 1000 words, most of the 44 stories in Francine Witte’s Radio Water have appeared separately before …

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Review by Dan Denton: Disposable Darlings by Todd Cirillo

A look at Todd Cirillo’s Disposable Darlings I have never met Todd Cirillo, and I’ve only read a few of his poems in online zines over the years. He has however been mentioned a few times in conversations with poets that I dig, so I was curious to take a look at his forthcoming collection …

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2 poems from Susan Ward Mickelberry’s AND BLACKBERRIES GREW WILD

Last Night I Sat Alone Last night I sat alone waiting for you on the ground in the sun under the oak, as I had waited long ago. The wind rustled the trees and the undergrowth. I drew with a stick in the sand what looked like a Mayan temple. My white t-shirt reflected the …

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Reading by Francine Witte: “Balance” from RADIO WATER

short interview and reading by Scot Young on JAM Sessions with Joe Mykut

Review by Steven Meloan: The Dead and the Desperate by Dan Denton

If you’re looking for a tale of personal purgatory but ultimate redemption, The Dead and the Desperate is the book for you. There have been many literary takes on blue collar life in America—dead-end jobs, dead-end relationships, and often mixed with substance abuse or variations of mental illness. But as a deft and brutally honest …

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an excerpt from RADIO WATER, a collection of flash fiction, by Francine Witte

Night is a Man A man without hands, without feet. Night has nothing but eyes and ears and a scrap of heart. You left ten weeks ago, and Night is what I sleep with. Tonight, I wake Night up and take him to the grocery store. On the way there, Night looks at the moon, …

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Review by Alan Catlin: Kiss the Heathens by Ryan Quinn Flanagan

review first published in misfitmagazine.net, Issue No. 37, Winter 2024 Ryan Quinn Flanagan, Kiss the Heathens, Roadside Press, available from www.magicaljeep.com 2023, 230 pages $20 Make no mistake about it, Kiss the Heathens, is a big ass book and true to its size and nature, it delivers the goods by taking names and seriously kicking …

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