Review by Anthony Mangos: INNOCENT POSTCARDS by John Pietaro

‘Innocent Postcards’: Progressive poetry reflects 20th-century politics and culture

by Anthony Mangos, People’s World

Author-poet-musician John Pietaro has been a constant, positive force in the ongoing progressive culture of New York City. Hailing from Brooklyn, Pietaro’s passions are equal parts literature, music, workers’ rights, and social activism. He founded the Dissident Arts and Brecht Lives! festivals, and fronts the poetry/punk jazz ensemble the Red Microphone, who regularly record and perform in the New York City area. Pietaro’s latest project, Innocent Postcards: Poetry, Ciphers, Verse, is a collection of poems and verse recalling the 20th-century era of Cold War, cool jazz, and American pop culture.

The collection is thought-provoking, influenced by mid-century jazz and politics…read the full review here

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