New Acquisition! Nancy Patrice Davenport’s ‘Smoked Glass’

Roadside Press is pleased to announce our acquisition of Nancy Patrice Davenport’s full-length work of poetry tentatively entitled Smoked Glass.

Nancy Patrice Davenport is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area.  She lives in San Mateo with three cats.

Nancy’s poems are widely published in various journals and anthologies, and have been translated into many different languages.  Nancy’s “JUNE 2 RETROGRADE MINDFULNESS” poem was nominated for the 2016 Best of Net.

Nancy’s first chapbook, LA BRIZNA, was published in 2014 by Bookgirl Press.  A full-length book of poems, SMOKING IN MOM’S GARAGE, was published in 2018 by Red Alice Press.

Author photo by Zoe Christopher.


New Acquisition! Westley Heine’s ‘Busking Blues: Recollections of a Chicago Street Musician and Squatter.’


Roadside Press is pleased to announce our acquisition of Westley Heine’s novel, Busking Blues: Recollections of a Chicago Street Musician and Squatter. We are ever so happy about this news and look forward to telling you more about this forthcoming title SOON. Please join us in congratulating Wes!

Westley Heine is the author of 12 Chicago Cabbies and The Trail of Quetzalcoatl. His poetry and prose have been published in The Chicago Reader, Gravitas, Heroin Love Songs, Beatdom, Dumpster Fire Press, Gasconade, and The Wellington Street Review among others. He’s been a taxi dispatcher, a roadie, a deliveryman, a squatter, a street musician, a grocery clerk, a chambermaid, a novelist, a painter, a metal head, a Boy Scout, an insurance investigator, a jailbird, a farmhand, sold tickets to the symphony, sold plasma, been unemployed, and been a filmmaker. Life is always creating new characters inside him, but always a writer. He grew up in Wisconsin, was lost and found in Chicago, married in Texas, and now resides in Los Angeles. Let in the light. Let out the fire. Instagram: @westleyheine

New Acquisition! Heather Dorn’s ‘How to Play House’

Welcome to Roadside Press, Heather! Congratulations all around!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Heather Dorn was born with a plastic spork in her mouth. As a child her mother would take her to Taco Bell and let her choose 2 tacos from the 59 cent menu. Since then, she has been Taco Bell obsessed. She grew up mostly in California and Texas, so she knows Taco Bell is not really Mexican food, but she loves it the way people love their high school garage bands. Nostalgia is yummy. Heather’s poetry, fiction, essays, and art can be found in a variety of journals including The American Poetry Review, Paterson Literary Review, Ragazine, The Kentucky Review, and more. She earned her Ph.D. in English Creative Writing from SUNY Binghamton where she is a lecturer. She is also the Editor-in-Chief for Binghamton Writes, a first year writing textbook. After work she goes home to watch true crime. Her dog, Apple, barks at something invisible. Her cat, Frank, stands in front of the screen posing and blocking her view because he is a model. On the weekends, she wishes she had a washing machine.