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Francine Witte reading March 9, 2024

Independent Book Review: Radio Water by Francine Witte

Radio Water By Francine Witte Genre: Literary Fiction / Short Stories Reviewed by Nick Rees Gardner Francine Witte evokes the sorrow of separation, the fear of alienation, and a snippet of hope in this flash fiction collection. All under 1000 words, most of the 44 stories in Francine Witte’s Radio Water have appeared separately before …

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Reading by Francine Witte: “Balance” from RADIO WATER

Review by Nadia Bruce-Rawlings: RADIO WATER by Francine Witte

review first published on A THIN SLICE OF ANXIETY (Anxiety Press) Radio Water, published by Roadside Press, is a beautiful collection of flash fiction from author Francine Witte. Witte writes with such poetry and grace. Every word is thought out, every action flows. The theme is mostly the dysfunctional family, women and children who have …

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an excerpt from RADIO WATER, a collection of flash fiction, by Francine Witte

Night is a Man A man without hands, without feet. Night has nothing but eyes and ears and a scrap of heart. You left ten weeks ago, and Night is what I sleep with. Tonight, I wake Night up and take him to the grocery store. On the way there, Night looks at the moon, …

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